Jul 18, 2009

Eye Opening Results: Shape Your Brows to Shape Your Face

Eyebrows Can Instantly Change Your Look. Learn How to Enhance Your Appearance With Easy Tweezing Secrets.

Groomed brows open up the eyes and present a polished, fresh-faced look. LA-based "Eyebrow-King" Damone Roberts, owner of Damone Roberts Salons, likens eyebrows to a frame and the face to a picture. The frame changes the perception of the picture and can enhance or take away from its beauty. Tina Turnbow, Beauty.com makeup-artist and NYC native, agrees, “eyebrows make the face unique".

Beware of caterpillars brows. They're hindering your face from unleashing its inner butterfly. Although furrowed tufts are unsightly, pencil-thin Betty Boop-tadpoles suggests perpetual surprise; not ideal for oozing sophistication.

Luckily, while other maintenances are best suited for a professional (DIY bikini wax? yikes!), tackling your brows with tweezers, tools and some tips is ideal. It's the wallet-friendly approach to getting a precisely manicured look.

- Invest in tweezers. The slanted pair by Tweezerman ($20, tweezerman.com) grips effectively and has a lifetime sharpening guarantee.

-Find a "does-it-all" kit. Try Tarte’s the tool box: brow know-how ($32, drugstore.com). It contains a gel, pencil, wax, brush and powder.

- Lessen the pain. Apply teething gel to the area as it will numb the skin and feel less raw and sensitive afterward.

-Use a magnifying mirror in a well-lit place to do an effective job. Dimly lit areas prevent you from seeing the tiny hairs to remove and make you more prone to over-tweezing.


- Run your finger along your brow bone to find your natural arch-shape. Hold a pencil vertically at the corner of your eye to identify where the brow should begin. The highest point of your arch should coincide with the edge of the iris. The line should extend slightly past the corner of your eye.

-Brush hairs up to reveal strays. Draw over your desired shape with a flesh-colored pencil to use as a plucking guide.

-Remove hairs individually from alternating sides to even frames. Step back and see your work to avoid over plucking.


-Brush and apply brow gel to set hair in place.

-Pluck-happy? Use powder (taupe for lighter hair, brown-black for darker hair) to fill gaps.

Tip: Use a toothbrush or old mascara wand as a brow brush. Spray a brush with hairspray if you don't have a wax or gel. To stimulate hair growth use olive oil to condition your brows. Use a shadow or eyebrow pencil that’s one shade lighter than your actual hair color to brighten and open your face up.

Here are some Celeb brows we feel some arch envy over:

Finally, here's a look to ALWAYS avoid:

Sorry Spock!


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