Jul 19, 2009

Look and Feel Posh-Spice Airport-Ready No Matter Where You Are

Out of Office Reply up? You're in Vacation-Mode!

Gain your world traveler wings with this season’s most skin suitable and smart to use products on-the-go.

Pack the tools that optimize space, time and effectiveness.

Summer has finally arrived! Shielding yourself from the bitter temperatures in your faux-fur parka and face wrap was mildly amusing, but now you're more than ready for warm weather and sunny beach days. You may not have the means to fund a Tahitian vacation-extraordinaire right now but wherever you decide to journey, (surf and sand at the Jersey Shore or poolside in Miami) you'll need the right accoutrement to make you're travels easy and skin effortlessly glowing. The fun of vacations is their sometimes unexpected nature. While spontaneity might work for your itinerary, it won't for your skincare routine. Packing products that are either multi-purpose or compact is a great start, but too often people compromise quality for travel ready. There's nothing worse than being in your dream location, ready to drink in the culture and night life but instead stressing over an inopportune zit or frizzy hair day (since your without your favorite products).

Carry-on in style!

Dress your liquids up in packaging as stylish as your airport outfit.

Conveniently varied in style and size, Japonesque's Gotta Go Weekend Travel Bag ($20, amazon.com) comes with identification labels so you don't confuse your toner for mouthwash. This bag is perfect for all those obscure but necessary fluids that you must journey with.

Identifying adhesive labels make storing liquids easy.

Skin Solutions for Every Surface

“Hand-ie” for your face.

While this bottle may not appear travel-friendly, it is! Satin Soaps by Jason Natural Products ($6.75, jason-natural.com) is all natural and so gentle on your skin you can use it on your hands and face. We love the one infused with Herbal Extracts. It has avocado oil to moisturize and aloe vera to soothe the skin. Use this multi-faceted wash to cleanse your exterior and enjoy the satin smooth hydration you’ll experience. Throw some in one of your newly acquired airport-ready bottles.

The foaming solution will keep your hands and face soft to the touch.

It's summer so wearing thongs (sandals that is) is a given.

Outdoor activities can be rough on your feet. Having dry, calloused and cracked feet takes away from the beauty of your tanned, freshly manicured (in neon pink of course) toes. Tips 'N Toes Hands & Feet Kit by Burt's Bees ($8.50, burtsbees.com) includes a pumice stone, miniature peppermint lotion and creams in coconut and lemon butter. The concoctions smell delicious and are enriched with ultra moisturizing cocoa butter.

I Can See Clearly Now

Topical treats that allow your summer skin to be as clean and makeup free as possible. Don’t waste time on vacation doing prep-work when you can be squeezing in back to back activities. Sometimes, that means jumping from beach to bar without much time for touch-ups. Unfortunately, heat and humidity increases the activity in your oil glands causing pores to clog and creating breakouts. Try AcneRecovery's System Kit ($99, acnerecovery.com). These powerful treatments contain benzoyl-peroxide and salicylic-acid and come in convenient packaging. Additionally, their special "dial-in" technology allows you to adjust the amount of active ingredients you use depending on your needs. The clearer your skin, the less time you’ll spend applying makeup and the more confident you’ll feel in your new locale.

Other Travel Favorites Include: Solid perfume roll on sticks by Crazylibellule and the Poppies ($18, Poule de Luxe Vanilla Lemon Pie is my favorite), Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream To Go ($15), Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer To Go SPF 15 Dermaxyl Complex ($17) -all available sephora.com- and Oscar Blandi’s Proteine di Jasmine Protein Mist for Restyling Hair To Go ($8, drugstore.com)

Tip: Use the spray bottle for rosewater if you're on a plane. Spritz on your face after you land to rehydrate your moisture-thirsty skin. Try Pure Persian Rose Water by Julie Hewett ($24, thebeautymark.com)

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