Jul 12, 2011

Putting Together Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Arsenal

The time between when you get engaged and when you get married can be the most exciting, exhilarating and stressful time of your life. There's so much to plan and so many events and opportunities to celebrate with your loved ones. Between all the engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette weekends and photo shoots, you'll want to look your best. The memories and photos will last forever and you'll definitely want to look back at that time fondly, not stressed over your appearance.  

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to have a professional makeup artist or beauty advisor on hand for each event. Sometimes it's hard to know what you need and what's gonna be essential to your beauty routine. Luckily, you CAN have a celebrity makeup artist dispensing some helpful advice on what products to put together for your pre-wedding beauty arsenal.    

Celebrity makeup artist Julie Harris has worked with some of the most beautiful celebrities around. From Anne Hathaway and Julianne Moore to Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba. I spoke to her about the products and tools every bride should use to get ready for the all events surrounding the big day. There's no better time to revamp your makeup wardrobe than immediately after you get engaged. Restock your favorites and find out here what new gems you're gonna need to look your most glamorous.  

Beauty Tools:
Harris recommends investing in a great set of brushes. She has three favorite brands: M.A.C., Shu Uemura and Sephora brand. 
She recommends the following brushes:
-A large powder brush and blush brush that are soft and full. 
-A fluff brush for blending in the crease.
-A small fluff or shading brush for close to the lashes to give a soft shadow line. 
-An angle brush for applying shadow close to the top lashes or shading the eye brows to give more arch. 
-A lip brush.
-A liquid liner brush, which you want to be thin and pointy.
Skin Products:
"Bridal makeup should be natural and have a healthy glow," says Harris. She recommends using a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer such as Fresh Soy CleanserRose Marigold Floral Water and Soy Face Cream. Harris also loves their Black Tea Eye Cream because it's soothing and moisturizing.  
Harris says to use a foundation that will work well to combat shine and smooth out your pores. 
She recommends: 
-Make Up For Ever Foundation. Celebrities love their HD formulas because they look great on camera and make your skin look flawless.
-Giorgio Armani Foundation. Another celebrity favorite because of its creamy formula and full coverage. 
"I would also recommend using a primer to keep the skin looking flawless all day and to make your foundation last," says Harris.
She recommends: 
-Giorgio Armani Fluid Primer, a luxe liquid solution and makeup artist favorite.
-Lancome LA BASE PRO Perfecting Makeup Primer, a light formula with a velvety texture.
-Tarte Clean Slate Primer, an all-natural and paraben-free option.
-Jouer Mattifier, which works well under makeup or over top of your foundation to combat shine in the T-Zone.  
"I love Laura Mercier powders," she says.  She prefers their translucent formula because it's finer and lighter on the skin and likes the color tone selections available. Their brightening powder is great for under the eyes to make you look like you've had a good night's sleep.
Other powder recommendation:
-Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder which look great on camera and video (a bridal must). 
"For blushers I would recommend softer colors for wedding events," says Harris.
She likes:
-Cargo, which has an HD line with a great, subtle blush hue that goes on soft. 
-Bobbi Brown, which has a nice collection of pretty, punchy colors that make you look like you've just come back from a workout. 
Makeup-Concealer:"My favorite concealer is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage because it has the two tones that are great for mixing to get a perfect skin tone match. The warmer is good for blue undertones and to match the skin's depth of color and the lighter is meant to match your undertone," says Harris. Harris loves the blendable concealer palette so a bride can mix her perfect shade depending on the day and her current skin tone.  You're skin tone might be lighter one month and darker the next depending on your sun exposure and time of year. 
Harris recommends using both waterproof and non-waterproof mascaras. She uses a non-waterproof mascara first to get the fullness of the lashes and then seals it with a waterproof mascara for the last coat so the formula won't run if you cry. 
Harris swears by Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner because it has a great felt tip liner that is so exact and fine, you can get really close to the lashes. "I can't live without it and use it all the time," says Harris. 
She also likes Smashbox Waterproof Cream Liner because it doesn't smudge and gives a great line that makes the lashes look fuller. 
Harris recommends applying a lip balm like Fresh Sugar Balm first to moisturize the lips.
She says to use a soft liner color depending on the lip color you chose and recommends shading the lip first with a pencil, then applying a lip color and finally blotting the lips with a tissue and then applying again. Smashbox The Nude Lipliner is great liner option and YSL lipsticks are luxurious, pigmented and have a great satin finish. "I would stay away from too much gloss, frosted lipsticks or glittery colors. They don't photograph as well. The more matte the lips the better it will stay and the better it will look in photographs," she says. 
Final Touches:
For evening weddings or candlelight settings, Harris recommends applying a little highlighter on the cheek bones or in the inner corner of the eye which will reflect nice in the lighting. Bobbi Brown Shimmer BrickNARS The Multiple or Benefit High Beam are all great options. She also recommends investing in blotting papers to help keep the shine at bay for pictures and help from keeping the foundation from looking too powdery. 

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  1. I would say that primer is my first line of defense! My biggest fear is that all the makeup runs together.