Jul 27, 2011

Color-Blocking Nail Trends: Natural & Bold

Summer nail shades don't just have to be bright, popping hues on your hands and feet. Summer is about showing your sun-kissed skin and sometimes the best way to showcase that is by contrasting your tan with a light, pearly white color on your nails. A light color on your finger nails translate to a polished look that's easy to maintain. Alternatively, adding a splash of color on your feet is a great way to bring attention to a great pair of shoes and can easily bring your whole look together. Color on your toe nails lasts a significantly longer time than on your hands so it's a great place to experiment with punchy, bright colors. The contrast in light and dark, known as color-blocking, is a great way to play with color while still looking polished.

Adorable actress Carey Mulligan was spotted on the Comic Con red carpet in contrasting color-blocking shades. She wore Essie's light pink Blushing Bride shade on her nails and the fire-coral shade Capri on her toes, which looked great against her fab. outfit.

I love Essie polishes because the short brushes make for easy self-mani and pedicures. Find your own set of contrasting shades to get Mulligan's look.