Sep 21, 2010

Fall 2010 Fashion Recap-Twinkle By Wenlan

Here's a recap on some of the Fall 2010 collections seen last February:

Twinkle By Wenlan-

Clothes: The collection showcased "girlie gothic" clothes-feminine silhouettes contrasted with tough edgier details-exposed zippers, studs and chains. Pops of jewel toned colors showed up with flirty dresses in royal purple, inky blue and corn silk yellow. Otherwise the palette included neutral shades such as mossy green, nutty cream and muddy brown.

Jewelry: As seen in previous seasons, chunky jewelry is still going strong. Thick beads, geometric baubles, statement pendants and metallic bling were all seen on the runway.

Makeup: Fresh and natural. Attention was drawn to smokey eyes and darkened eyebrows. Nude lips and even "makeup-free" skin. Up do's were everywhere. The styles varied from an elegantly refined low bun, to pulled back messy chignons, french braided pinups and extra teased bouffants. Nails were black-blood red-perfect for the fall.

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See clips from the actual show here:

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