Aug 23, 2010

Create Arch Envy With Talika Eyebrow Extender

Regular brow grooming should be part of every woman's beauty routine.  Unfortunately, not everyone has a full set of brows to trim and tame. Whether you naturally have sparse brows or an unfortunate, obsessive tweezing fit left you with some seriously anorexic arches, you know filling in what's missing is of utmost importance.

Eyebrows frame your eyes (your most important feature) and define your whole face. As many of you girls know, they can make a huge difference to your overall appearance. If you have thin  brows or light hair, adding color and depth to your arches will lead to a fantastic transformation. Full, perfectly shaped arches ooze polish and sophistication and frankly, make you look A LOT better. Have you ever seen a celeb on the red carpet completely done up with every inch of her face brushed,  bronzed, and colored in to perfection with the exception of her brows? Nope and you never will. A darkened and defined set of arches looks glam and gorgeous.

Most people use pencils or shadows to shade in the area but I recently discovered an even better method: Talika Eyebrow Extender ($35, -in brown, dark brown and black). The extender is made up of  a transparent gel filled with hair-like pigmented  fibers that instantly cling to the hairs you do have. The gel plumps up, shapes, darkens and tames your brows in one swipe. This is a great tool for those repeat offenders who have plucked so much the hairs won't grow back. The extender makes your brows look naturally thick and you can double up on the amount you want to use, depending on your preference.  

The Eyebrow Extender even has a celebrity following. The City star, Whitney Port uses Talika on her light blond-brown brows. Her makeup artist, Lisa Garner loves the product and says " I love to use Talika's Eyebrow Extender when doing Whitney Port's eyebrows.  Not only do the fibers build a natural looking brow, the gel really keeps them in they looked beautifully groomed all night long."
To apply rotate the bottom part of the extender until the product reaches 1 to 2 mm over the tip. After a few clicks, the pen-like tube makes the gel easy to transfer onto the brow-comb tip so you can simultaneously shape your brows and ensure that the fibers are distributed evenly.
Comb your brows into the shape you want and then apply the extender on cleansed brows and voila Brooke Shields here you come!


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