Mar 24, 2013

A lovely Saturday brunch

 I've become a regular French Macaron connoisseur and all the tasty treats are delicious my favorite right now are from Kafe Leopold. I couldn't resist grabbing a few after a yummy brunch this weekend. The macarons are light, fluffy and slightly chewy and the filling is delicate and filled with flavor. My favorite flavors include the Blueberry Olive Oil, Green Apple Coriander, Lemon and Basil, and Chocolate. Sooo yummy!   

We also had one of my favorite breakfasts in the city with my absolute favorite meal: 15-year aged Serrano Ham in thinly sliced flakes, a perfectly fried egg, scallions and divine truffle grits. This is perfection! Not a bad way to spend a sunny Saturday in the city.

How did you spend your weekend??

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