Sep 22, 2011

Bridal Skin Care Favorites

A bride has so much to think about in the days leading up to her wedding; her skin shouldn't be one of them.

As a recently engaged lady, I'm eager to find great skin care treatments to get my pores ready and radiant for my big day. There's nothing worse than a zitty wedding day, is there?

One of my favorite new finds is Sue Devitt Skin Care. The line comes from Australian makeup artist Sue Devitt, who became famous for her cosmetics line as well as her technologically advanced skin care formulations. The products include tons of anti-aging ingredients and marine-based nutrients, including seaweed complex and blue algae.

Her brand is also known for their Microquatic Luxury Skin Care Series. I had the pleasure of testing out a few of their great products. The Microquatic products blend anti-aging ingredients, marine extracts and hydrating flower derivatives.

I gotta say the products feel lightweight and incredibly silky on my skin. I was instantly sold!

Here's what I tried:

Sue Devitt Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque ($40.00): The masque feels like a foamy facial! I put a dab on my hand, swirled it around and watched it foam. What's actually happening is oxygen molecules are being released into your pores and removing impurities and pollutants. I absolutely loved the feel of this on my skin. It acted as a great toner and I felt like I got an expensive facial without emptying out my pockets. This is a great product to use in the weeks leading up to your wedding or really any big event that you want to look great for.

Sue Devitt Microquatic BioLuminescence Illuminating Serum ($65.00): This is a great brightening treatment. It's as hydrating as a moisturizer and helps even out my skin tone. This soothing treatment is formulated with Lana Blue- a sea-based active from blue algae which helps rebalance your skin's PH levels. In the summer I used just this at night and noticed how fresh my skin looked in the morning. This is a great product to use after the Oxygen Infusion Masque.

Sue Devitt Microquatic Fortifying Primer ($40.00): My makeup always seems to fade/disappear after a few hours, especially when it's warmer out. I'm always looking for a great primer that won't clog my pores and definitely appreciated how lightweight yet effective this product was. A primer is an absolute must for any wedding related events. There's way too much excitement, tears, sweating and general merriment involved in bridal events. The events will soon become a distant memory but the photos will last forever. By applying primer first, your makeup will last longer and your skin will appear smoother and more even. This oil-free formula contains water lily extract and soy proteins. Love love love it!

So ladies, in the months leading up to your big day, don't forget to give your skin some extra care and attention. Try these great products to get radiant, calm and happy skin!

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