Sep 22, 2009

Budget Beauty Tips

Petroleum Jelly: The New Best Friend You've Probably Always Had

Sephora blogger Jenny Muller (hmm someone has the best job ever) wrote a post a while back on The Lemon Drop that I found to be incredibly helpful. She discusses the merits and multi-faceted benefits of the one and only…Vaseline! Petroleum Jelly is an incredible mixture of mineral oils and waxes that when blended together create the concotion we know and love. The melting point is just above body temperature so it literally melts into your skin. Some people use it for absolutely everything (especially protecting skin against the elements) and even as a daily moisturizer. Not sure how I feel about that but this stuff IS a mini-miracle worker and crisis averter.

Grab a jar of petroleum jelly and try these 15 tricks:

1. Coat your cuticles in Vaseline a few times daily to soften them up and prevent jagged nails.

2. Before you head outdoors, rub a little on your cheeks to prevent chapped skin. *

3. Lengthen the life of your lotion by mixing it with a little Vaseline.

4. Fake a dewy glow by dabbing it on your cheekbones and brow bones.

5. Super dry skin? Rub on a light layer of petroleum jelly.

6. Four words: Best lip gloss ever.

7. DIY paraffin treatment: Slather Vaseline on your hands and feet, then wrap them up in a hot towel (nuke it in the microwave first) for 5 minutes.

8. Love that trick? Try the overnight version: Cover your feet in Vaseline, pull on some socks, and treat your tootsies to some beauty rest.

9. Rub a little on your lashes for ultra-shiny fringe.

10. Tame unruly brows (and give them a super-shiny sheen).

11. Make a cream liner or blush out of any powdered beauty product: Smear a swatch of powder on the back of your hand, then rub in a small (small!) amount of Vaseline. Voila!

12. Instant smoky eye: Apply a little Vaseline over black eyeliner, then lightly smear it for a messy, smoky look.

13. A little petroleum jelly around your hairline keeps hair dye from staining your skin.

14. Fight frizz and hide split ends by rubbing a little Vaseline into the tips of your hair and around your part.

15. Believe it: Vaseline can remove even the toughest waterproof mascara and no-budge eyeliner. Smear some on your lids, then use a clean, dry towel to wipe the day off.

* Do note that you should test out Vaseline on your skin several times before applying it directly on
your face as a moisturizer. For some people, it does make them break out while for others it has no affect.

At $2.29 a jar you really can't go wrong with this!

To read the full post click here:

Thanks Jenny-PS I sweat your JOB!

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